ADAM LAMBERTS ARMY: The Glamberts Will Rock You And Turn Mainstream Media On Its Ear

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Queen came back in a major way in 2014. They brought in Adam Lambert and the tour kicked off somewhat unceremoniously in the press. I found a chance to go see it on a whim and I went with a group of friends. Nobody in my group was like really excited about this tour. We sat in a Joe’s Crab Shack eating seafood and guzzling back a few brews and it was starting to hit me, “Man, we are actually going to see the epic rock group  – Queen”. I knew about the talent of Adam Lambert from American Idol and I was starting to get pumped up about the experience.

We got into the parking lot at the Palace of Auburn Hills which is where they were playing in Michigan and that’s when I saw the fleet of big white trucks. I remember reading about Queen back in their heyday and they always travelled with an extensive light show. There were people standing out by those trucks taking pictures with their cell phones. The words, “Queen +Adam Lambert” was printed on the side of them in big black letters. Now, they people in my car might have not shown any hint of excitement but I could tell already by the gawkers that this was going to be a big deal. We ended up not sitting near each other which might have been a good thing. I got closer to the band than they did and for me this was turning into somewhat of a religious experience.

Paul Glantz, of Emagine entertainment, would sometimes show Queen concert movies in his theaters. I remember getting bummed out during one of those screenings while watching singer Freddie Mercury command the stage and the massive audience. I recall thinking that some people were irreplaceable and magical and once they’re gone they are really gone. Freddy had that kind of power in himself and in his fans. I remembered thinking I would never experience that kind of energy in my lifetime. Maybe, I had missed my chance and that was a long walk back to my car.

Now skip ahead months down the road and I am here live at the, “Queen + Adam Lambert”  show. The tour – oddly enough, was called, “Once in a Lifetime” and this perked up my spirits a bit. I could tell that the audience had this, “Paul McCartney Effect” where the young and the old came together and this music was spanning generations. I mean, some of the elderly in the audience were pretty old and I mean that in a good way. Rock music has become this accepted art form for the masses and you don’t see that kind of an audience very often. The young in the audience were very young, as in kids, and the old were pretty old.


The energy was shooting across the halls of the Palace and I can see people buying shirts, getting excited and I am wondering where in the hell the press was on this? I literally didn’t even know this was even happening until my friends told me about it. This was no flash in the pan. This was a big deal. Queen is one of those big epic rock bands and is right up there with The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Aerosmith. This was big for another reason. Queen had tried this before with another singer a few years back, Paul Rodgers, and they didn’t go very far. Rodgers has a great voice and carried the band really well and delivered for the fans.  Then I didn’t hear anything more about the band or any more shows and I really wrote them off after that. I pretty much gave up the idea of ever seeing the group live.

“Damn man, where the hell was the press on this?” I kept thinking in my head.  “Why weren’t more people notified” I mumbled to myself and I started to wonder if the show had sold out?

I sat back and my mind raced back and forth over the whole thing. I could feel the tension that something big was about to go off. I really didn’t want to miss anything so I made sure that I was in my seat and then the lights started to go down and people started to cheer around me in anticipation. There was a big see through nylon net that draped over the set and it had the original logo of the band. You know the story about this one right? Each animal in the logo represented a member of the band. This came out in the 1970’s when the album, “A Night at the Opera” was released. But I haven’t ever see this used in a modern day promotion of any sort in decades. The idea was still valid of course but tonight it seemed to take on new meaning. I could see we were going back to basics on this tour and there were lots of details about the bands history everywhere I looked. The classic guitar riff, “God Save The Queen” came on as the audience cheered louder and louder. I could see this was going to be a mesmerizing experience.




Adam Lambert’s voice shot out over the speakers as he sang, “Here I stand… Look around… around… around…”. This was the classic song, “Now I’m Here” from Queen’s old catalog of stadium numbers. I first heard it off the album, “Live Killers”. I was at the edge of my seat and thought to myself, “Holy shit…. They are bringing the sound back to life”. When the curtain dropped the strobe lights went off and Adam belted, “Cause you made me live …AGAIN !!!” and the whole house went bananas. My heart leaped up in joy and I was uplifted. There were Adam Lambert fans in the audience who were waiting for him and they were screaming with jubilation. This kid had a range and he cradled every note but then he did something extra….. he would put his own spin on the notes. This gave the song character and new life and really transformed it into this out of the ordinary experience.  We were in his world now and in a new place. This was a blend of the new and the old and I was blown away by what I was seeing.

“Damn, man…. Where was the press on this? How could they miss this entire thing? How could they screw up this badly?” That question zoomed around in my subconscious as I watched Adam take command of the audience and the band. This was a blend of new rock music…. Of classic rock music…. And a celebration for all people and if that is not newsworthy then I don’t know what is.

The stage was like a gigantic Q for the band, Queen. The extension of the letter Q jutted off to the right, (audience view) into this ramp where Adam would strut his way into the front rows and greet the people. They were getting a full blast of energy off of this amazing performer. I have to admit I had tears in my eyes when I saw this because I really never thought I would ever see this happen. It was a rebirth of the classic sounds. Brian May was on guitar and sounding fantastic and drummer Roger Taylor was bashing away on the kit.

Fans know this but Adam addressed the audience early on and mentioned that when the band and the fans get together they make a special kind of magic. This is oh so true. Consider for a minute that this is kind of like one big mastermind group, ( to anyone out there who has studied marketing ). You have all of these collected minds, bodies, souls….. coming together for a special cause and together transforming the room into one big epic rock event. That energy, that vibe is the collective element. That feeling wouldn’t be possible if the interested parties stayed independent. It is only by coming together and uniting that such a powerful force is made possible. Adam Lambert addresses this in the show, “We believe that when a group of people come together like this that it creates a special kind of magic….”. That feeling, that power, is unmistakable. You can feel it in the air.

You hear stories about the Beatles or Led Zeppelin and how they collectively became bigger than anything imagined because of coming together. In a four piece band that collective power is sometimes known as a “fifth element” – it is an additional energetic entity that wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for the collective effort of the band members. Led Zep believed this so much that when they lost their drummer, John Bonham through a tragic death, they never attempted to recreate the band and continue. They honored the original lineup and called it quits. In the Queen + Adam Lambert space it is the audience that contributes to this big, universal, energetic pulsation. You become part of the show.

What we were seeing on stage was not only a recreation of the classic rock sound of Queen but a re-introduction to style on stage, pomp, glamour, and outrageous sex appeal. Adam Lambert looked fantastic in his killer leather jacket, boots and slicked back hair. He came to dazzle and blow people’s minds. This comes from after years of watching 20 something’s on stage in Goodwill clothes screaming about the unfairness of life and, “The Man” and that whole miserable rock scene left me tired and uninspired. This had no reflection on any of those lackluster Grunge years and punk rock ethics. This  was full powered, high octane, enthusiastic – rock and roll music.

Now I ask you…. Where the hell was the media?

I gotta tell ya, I was embarrassed. And I say that because Michigan is my own home state, I was born here, I am a Queen fan of way back in the 70’s and I applaud talent when I see it. I feel in many ways that this band was neglected and ignored on the PR front. Now that didn’t deter the fans and that sure as heck didn’t deter the band. This was a party for them and for the fans. This was a celebration.

MEET THE GLAMBERTS:  Delivering The News Of The World

Don’t feel too bad about the PR front because the fans have Adam Lamberts back. I have to admit I was fascinated by the entire show. It burned in my mind and I looked up on the web to check on anything I could find about the tour. Sure enough I found some reviews but they were nothing like what I had been anticipating. Some of the reviews were just flat lining, they had no pulse, no life to them at all. Others were just plain terrible like the ones I read in Las Vegas. It was obvious that who ever wrote it wasn’t much of a fan. I mean he had nothing good to say about the show at all. If there were positive comments on there they were disguised really well because I couldn’t see any.

I read some other ones too out of Chicago that were really basic and bland. I started to wonder if any of these journalists had even come to the show. A lot of what I was reading wasn’t coming off like first hand observations but snippets of facts pulled from Wikipedia and possibly newsroom feeds. I knew what I saw was spectacular and out of all the rock shows I attended in my life this was possibly one of the best productions I’d ever seen.


Now before I introduce you to Adam’s fabulous PR team, The Glamberts, I want to draw your attention to some of the city tabloid type media. There was a journalist from a well respected New York news source that nominated Eddie Van Halen, (of Van Halen) as a the top “Douchiest” guitarist ever. This insensitive comment comes during the 30th anniversary for the epic – ‘1984’ album. This recording stands as a definitive signature on the classic rock bands career. I was at that tour in Maryland at the DC Capital Center and it was powerful. I was in the first row. Now, I tell you this because I am going through these reviews and I can see that who ever is paying these guys don’t really give a hoot about quality control. They also don’t care a whole lot to give the people an honest perspective about reality.

They did a miserable job on reporting. I lost a lot of respect for journalists in Michigan, Vegas, Chicago and in New York after seeing what a shoddy job they did. I started to wonder what else they lie about on a continuous basis. Then this whole thing gets kind of interesting because once Queen ended their tour in America the US media front went silent. They were off tearing down some other great idea or influential personality of some importance. Their job of “coverage”, (if that’s allowed) was all done… at least for now. The Queen tour with Adam Lambert was fobbed off as, “just another one of those things.” And that was it. No more. No less.

But that’s not the end of the story because something very interesting happened and nobody caught it. I started doing my own reviews on Hot Metro Finds and all hell broke loose. The media, didn’t like that. We run an online magazine that tells the truth to the people. In fact, our slogan is, “Something For The People”. With all the book stores closing down like Borders and Barnes and Nobles we are at the mercy of the wretched local press which does nothing but berate and intimidate its readers with half truths, limp wristed journalism, and lifeless drivel. And those are on the good days.

Some joker sent me a story on here about an Adam Lambert burger being sold at – Burger King I think. There was talk about a, “Glam Whopper” and I was forwarded a picture of – yep, Adam Lambert, wearing his crown from the Queen show on a yellow burger wrapper. This picture looked real so I wrote about it and I am convinced now that some local newsroom in Michigan used us for a gag. But the thing is I told you guys about it as if it was real news because that’s what sensible journalism is all about.

Now, looking back on the whole thing I realize it was a hoax. But do you know who delivered that bit of news around the world? The Glamberts. That glamorous army of do gooder’s which is known as Adam Lamberts personal PR Army – dedicated to fashion, rock music, and all things Adam. That is how we got formally introduced. Now, we could never find the culprit behind this ridiculous, but clever, Glam Whopper idea but the emails started coming in from around the world. I was getting inquiries if I had heard anything more about this amazing Adam Lambert food product. People wanted this, “Glam Whopper”. Burger King, take notice, you could be standing on a fortune here. The fans welcome the idea.

The US Tour was now over but it was far from over for the Glambert’s who managed to do something extraordinary. They took over where the mainstream lamestream media failed to do. They stitched together live footage of the, “Queen + Adam Lambert” shows very several different angles and cell phones and recreated an entire performance for YouTube watchers around the world. They managed to get pictures of Adam up close off their cameras and Tweet them out. Several even made their own products, and my personal favorite, a plush toy of Adam wearing his stylish outfits. They were coming up with concert reviews, news items and were taking over the roll of reporter, VJ, and paparazzi. I was intrigued with them. And unlike the mainstream lamestream media they always told the truth.

I understand that I am not too well liked by the mainstream media because Im not part of their system. But what the mainstream media doesn’t understand is that they are outnumbered. They are hideously and outrageously outnumbered by thousands if not millions of hard core rock fans that operate outside of the mainstreams tiny world. I was informed by the Glamberts that the Australian tour was sold out thanks in part by a dedicated team of fans who marketed to the masses using social media. Another Glambert told me that she took to the streets with flyers to get the word out about the upcoming tour with some friends. She proudly boasted, “We are dedicated to Adam…. And will do whatever it takes to spread the word” – and I feel good about that.

The Glamberts are not BS. They understand marketing and how to get the message out to the right people. Best of all, they know social marketing. They aren’t sitting up in some office dreaming up stories to write about so they can punch out by 5PM and go home. They are living the message and that is something that paid newsroom journalists will never do. You can see it in the end product. The social media that the Glamberts produce is solid, impactful, and carries significant meaning. The media that the mainstream media produces is schlocky, and lacks heart. Now this is something that I didn’t expect but the media that Glamberts create also causes real sensation. Think Beatlemania. You can see the numbers rise in your hit counters on your website… which means… real people, real news, in real time. They take a message and communicate it others and that news travels across the globe.


The Glamberts do something that even most American companies won’t do and that is proper branding. They understand branding, strategy and communication. They have well crafted stories and marketing messages that can be transferred from fan to fan. This is a basic function for building a strong brand. If I was going to hire a marketing person – I would hire a Glambert. They understand social media like no one else and I say this only because I have experienced their magic in person. They are truly a magical group of people.
GLAMBERTS:  Ushering A Powerful New Source of Social Media

As a marketer I see business flop and flounder with social media. You can probably guess that none of them really have any stories to share. Worse, when they do have something to say they just blurt it out blindly on their Twitter and Facebook accounts to no one in particular. That message sits there unattended, and gets no engagements because it is not specifically geared towards anyone. I have seen businesses go out of business because of behavior like this. I hear from them that social media doesn’t work.  This not only gives social media a bad name but I also know that this is just simply not true.

These guys move in a wave – like an ocean – and messages get delivered. They sell out stadiums, they move en masse. They are the living embodiment of social media and they are the revolution. I am informing you and teaching mainstream media to watch out for these guys. The Glamberts are very real, they are no bullshit, they pull no punches and there are many of them.

The most interesting thing about them is that they convey information to one another in real time. They use social media so effectively and have the connect to one another so well. This is a very tight audience and their focus is very direct and on point. It is exciting to see them work and to interact with them. Out of all the stories we have run on Hot Metro Finds the Adam Lambert audience portrays the most interactive profile. They are attentive and very much interested in what we do. That sort of energy is not only enthusiastic but inspiring. It gives validity and new life to the idea of what social media can bring. There are a lot of social media experts out there who talk about what this type of communication can be but that usually just boils down to theory. I see a lot of social media experts out there who are broke and struggle to pay their bills. Being friends with the Glamberts and watching them interact with their fanbase and the public is really incredible. You can’t fake authenticity.


More record stores and book stores continue to close. I drive down Woodward Avenue in Metro Detroit and see shops boarded up. Borders book store, (which was my absolute favorite) is no longer in operation and as of this writing Barnes and Nobles have closed their doors in Royal Oak, Michigan. With the closing of media stores like these comes the loss of thousands of periodicals and niche magazines dedicated to music, culture and the arts. That leaves the public to rely on the mainstream media for the bulk of their information. But when that information becomes misinformation then there is a big problem on the rise. The people either have a choice but to accept it or they have the right to stand up and speak their own truth. If the mainstream lamestream media doesn’t to deliver quality news then the people simply turn their backs to it and communicate to one another.

That is fan to fan, fan to band, and fans to the masses without any mainstream media approval or involvement. That leads to direct ticket sales, outrageous live events, fan based products, (t-shirts, jewelry, dolls, toys, artwork etc.) and all of this is done outside of any type of corporate infrastructure. The interesting thing about the way the Glamberts are working is that they are disrupting the whole idea of what controlled media is supposed to be about. It is a deliberate breakdown of structure, years of limitations, and convention as we know it. This type of communication and audience gathering can be done for any audience or purpose.

And with that being said…. It is the PEOPLE who are the champions.

Ted Cantu
Hot Metro Finds  – Glamberts Rule
Nov. 2014

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THE BIG QUESTION: Do Journalists Even Go To These Shows That They Write About?
The recent Queen tour with Adam Lambert has reached epic proportions on the web. It has literally continued with a life all its own. The fans are nothing short of fanatical and the audience is not only supportive but interactive. They have reported on the smallest details of the day to day activities of their hero Adam Lambert. The music of Queen has been given new life and meaning and rock and roll has a new face. That energy — that action — has permeated throughout the social media landscape and it is nothing short of amazing.
This sort of activity has brought as much as 155 people a minute to my websites. This isn’t paid web traffic but real people in real time talking about their musical adoration. The fans have journalistic integrity and will engage other fans to share a growing collection of live concert photos that the mainstream media have missed. They also have included video footage of concerts and have even recreated entire concerts on Youtube. These video clips have been strung together.
Meanwhile the mainstream media has been somewhat absent. The reports in Michigan were really offbeat and flat out weird. There was very little mentioned about the Queen show with Adam Lambert at the Palace of Auburn Hills but it was hardly anything noteworthy. Who ever wrote about seemed to miss the concerts popular significance on the pop culture landscape. After reading a couple of the local press reviews I am convinced that who ever wrote them didn’t even attend the concert — which makes their observations a complete fabrication. They piss on their public. Fair enough.
In contrast, the fans have over stepped their bounds and have filled in the journalist shoes and have delivered extensive concert information from the tours various cities including New York, Chicago and Atlantic City. There have been reports on Adam Lamberts fashions, his choice of eyewear, his shopping habits, and even fan art. There has been a rebirth of rock music in the popular mainstream and major media seems to have missed that. Maybe they don’t care. After all their bread and butter comes from doing reports on local government embezzlement, closed highways and school closings…. real pedestrian fare. That would never translate into a ravenous fan base under any circumstances.
There was that lackluster review from some reporter in Las Vegas. That guy may have attended the show but he was hardly a fan. His references about the shows content was so off base that I wonder if he really even knew what the songs were about. The early references to Queen’s first three albums were spotty and misguided but carried some sense of truth. There was a fantasy element about Queen’s early work but it never defined their entire career.  There seemed to be a bit of anger behind his words. In contrast to the fans and the band, the relationship that matters most, the mainstream media was totally left out.
This set list has brought the classic rock era in tune with a pop icon of this generation to make something sensational. It’s off the charts and it is a living, breathing, dynamo that has taken off to Australia, Asia and now the tour will go back to the UK.
Queen guitarist Brian May is somewhat taken aback and was reported to have said, “I’m not going to stop until my fingers fall off !!” I take great comfort in that because watching these guys play on stage is truly magical. When you see a rock band like this come together and see it touch generations young and old is truly amazing.
The fans are oblivious to the rank reviews and half hearted attempts to stay interested. They have taken the role of reporter, video VJ,  photographer and have stepped over mainstream media and are communicating to one another — fan to fan — and don’t give a damn about what what it thinks.
That is exciting. For us. For them. For everyone.
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Where Did Punk Rock Come From?  DETROIT 1967
“Detroit, Michigan – Who is more punk – Los Angeles, or New York?  Does it really matter? I am referring to a ridiculous feud that is going on with the L.A. Weekly and the Village Voice about who is more – “Punk”. Or I should say – “Who Was More Punk” because that whole thing has been put to bed around sometime in 1977. Sure we got alternative bands now with punk-ish like influences but it’s not the same thing as the original punk movement.”
Taken from www.HotMetroFinds.Com
The article goes on to say….
“But Detroit rock and roll in the late 70’s was anything but nice and fuzzy. It was more street, more grunge, loud, and real. There were no happy endings in any of the songs. The MC5, which stands for the Motor City Five, starts out their album with, “Kick Out The Jams Mother F*cker !!!” and it set the tone for where this movement was going. At the same time of Wayne Kramer and the MC5 the British bands were coming  to Detroit to play at the Grande Ballroom. Some of the bands that came turned out to be classic rock giants like Led Zeppelin and The Who. This has to sound like science fiction to some of you because the Grande Ballroom was actually a pretty small place but this really happened. The other interesting thing about the Grande was that it was not right downtown. You couldn’t just park your car downtown and then walk over to it like Saint Andrews Hall.  You had to drive out a bit to get there….”
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Ted Cantu & Hot Metro Reviews Slaughter and the Dogs Live At Reggie’s Rock Club For Rocktoberfest


Chicago, IL – The popular UK cult punk band Slaughter and the Dogs are the focus of something called Rocktoberfest. Hot Metro Finds is continuing the dizzying festival fanfare from it’s recent Chicago Riot Fest coverage by reviewing some of the most eclectic bands in the month of October. This recent set of reviews take place in Chicago at a place called Reggie’s Rock Club as well as other venues such as the Double Door in Wicker Park. The articles and set lists will be featured on www.HotMetroFinds.Com and will also feature the recent show by California’s favorite Surf Punk band Agent Orange.


Slaughter and Dogs first emerged in 1976 in the Manchester UK punk rock scene. They were prominent on the indie front and even opened up for the Sex Pistols. The music eventually was recorded historically on the, “Live at the Roxy WC2” album and has since become a highly searched record by punk rock enthusiasts, rock journalists, and the curious. The energy generated on those early recordings have been recreated in the bands recent live performances. After taking a considerable amount of time off Slaughter and the Dogs have returned to the festival circuit in 1996.

Rock journalist and pop culture enthusiast, Ted Cantu, has captured some of the manic show performances through a series of articles and reviews. The material will not only feature stage side notes of sets but also insights on city life as it happens. The recent  Slaughter tour is something of an enigma.  They truly show that great rock music doesn’t die but indeed lives on. In the recent summer months a lot of great rock music acts have resurfaced in the Chicago area including Television, Patti Smith, The Buzzcocks, and Paul Weller. Under even closer investigation other acts are following their footsteps. The UK favorite Eddie and the Hot Rods are also playing at the Double Door in future days to come.

What is interesting about this recent wave of live performances is that these old acts are coming back out on the road. Many fans never dreamed that they would ever see them perform live. This is history in the making. When something like that happens it is something of a celebration and that was the reason for chronicling these events. Hot Metro Finds is dedicated to finding out these types of events and then bringing the experience to the people.

About Hot Metro Finds: Hot Metro Finds is a news site dedicated to music reviews, pop culture events, business trends and fashion insight.

Hot Metro Finds Creator Ted Cantu Featured On TV Show, “Self Talk” – in Metro Detroit, MI

DETROIT – Hey – its, “The Big Cantu” and we just taped an episode of, “Self Talk” the independently produced business television show out of West Bloomfield, Michigan. I was interviewed by Danco Sotirovski and Herb Martin. These two are unique personalities and work with entrepreneurs of all types in S.E. Michigan. Now the theme of the show is pretty interesting because it centers on how we talk to ourselves on a daily basis and how that – self talk – influences our outcomes.

Danco is an online marketer and a business entrepreneur based in Troy and Herb Martin is a college professor in psychology. I come along for the ride as an independent advertising entrepreneur and together we tackled 30 minutes on the air. I hoped my story comes across as believable and sincere but here is the thing. We got three personalities on the air from very different background trying to tell the – Ted Cantu story.

Hopefully, what comes across is this. I grew up in Muskegon early on and was inspired by the cities founder, Charles Hackley who was responsible for much of the towns early growth in the 1800’s. He was big into the lumber trade and put the town on the map. He also was responsible for creating some iconic buildings in the city including the Hackley Public Library. From there my family moved me to Bridgeport, CT where I encounted another larger than life figure – P.T. Barnum, (of the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus fame).

Barnum was an interesting character from the 1800’s and in many ways was the great Godfather of Advertising. Around that same time I discovered Punk Rock  which was hugely influential on how I saw the world. I also grew up near New York so I was around lower Manhattan during the age of Warhol and post pop artists like Keith Harring. Saturday Night Live was a big influence too at the time because the cast was making a big noise in film and the show was challenging convention. MTV was another big influence too that came around the same time and what I walked away with was the thought that, “Anything was possible.”

During the show it was a bit of a balancing act to stay on course. We did 5 tapings that day and my hosts didn’t know my story very thoroughly and I wanted to stay on track. The influences that I mentioned have great brands behind them. I was trying to communicate that many businesses in Metro Detroit and lack any sense of branding strategy and in self talk.

I was trying to make an illustration of my colorful background and how it relates to today. It’s interesting that I took the route of advertising over fine art over the years but after going through my story on TV it was pretty obvious.

So, we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully my message will come through and I will come off in a linear approach in delivery.

I see a lot of disconnect too in my life and in my daily interactions with the Michigan audience. Where I say, “push the boundaries of convention” and “raise the roof” a lot of the businesses that I come into contact with are fine with their little pitiful 10% off coupons. I see a lot of these kinds of businesses go under.

This is a huge topic and I will be commenting on it more in detail.

The show will come out sometime next week and I will be posting links to it on here.

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HOT METRO FINDS: Digital Artist John Hammink Is On A Mission To Prevent Art Director Burnout


Chicago, IL – There is a continual problem that exists in the halls of advertising. Art directors great and small are stretched to their mental limits and are forced to come up with all sorts of new images, themes and concepts. It is not uncommon for them to reach a road block and then completely shut down and even be replaced. Up until recently this was a serious problem and even stock images couldn’t fully give enough creative juice to these ad guys. Now there is one artist who transpires beauty, aesthetic form that inspires and creates powerful vision. This is enough to rekindle the dying embers of creativity and make it reborn again into a raging inferno.

John Hammink is a man of many talents ranging from fine art, music, and an absolute visionary when it comes to the digital realm. Hammink is offering these new images for advertising and promotional use. These are to be used in the same likes as stock images and royalty free images. The upside here is that this artwork is delicate and shows many gradual color shifts that are unique to this particular style of fractal design. These images are superior to many of the fractal abstract designs commonly found with big name stock image providers. The images are unique because they are created through a unique formula that involves a lot of thought and some proprietary techniques. The results are nothing short of stunning. The end result is amazing and would take a traditional photoshop  artists many hours to even come close to the details and intricate quality that John delivers.

These images are also great for helping art directors overcome artistic burnout. They can be used straight off the disc as is or they can be enhanced or used as backgrounds in complex animations in post production. These are very versatile. Now the best part about it is that there are many to choose from and they can be scaled in great size. The uses range from print, digital web media, social media, post production, wall hanging installations, table top, fashion, package design and more. The collection is known as, “Spectral Images” and these are now available for purchase. The fun part about these images is the versatility and multi-use. Now art directors and creative directors can pick from thousands of visually complex and dense color images and have them delivered digitally in real time. This is great for advertising agencies under crunching deadlines.

Ted Cantu at Hot Metro Finds is bringing John Hammink’s work to the masses. Right now we are in production to deliver high quality art images to not only advertising agencies but to interior decorators, visual display companies and more. The real question is – “How Will You Use YOUR Spectral Images?”. The digital formats are very versatile and lend themselves to a wide range of applications. This is getting a lot of attention in the Chicago market and the company is getting some traction on the web.

Cantu used to work with John Hammink on a multi media theater troupe called, Cross Currents. This Ann Arbor based theater company used visual arts and music to create some interesting live experiences. The art was created right in front of the audience while experimental music was played. Now Ted Cantu is back in collaboration with Hammink and is promoting the art work into popular niche markets.

About Spectral Images
John Hammink Spectral Images is based in Chicago, and offers complex and beautiful digital stock imagery for advertising agencies, design studios, post production, and commercial design houses. The art can be used for a wide range of applications  in different industries including financial, advertising, package design, restaurant design, interior design, animation and more.

HOT METRO FINDS: 30th Anniversary of Van Halen “1984” – Angry Mainstream Media Sounds Off


DETROIT:  Who the hell is running the media these days? Where are they hiring these people from and what makes them qualified to report on – anything?  Just recently another angry young “journalist” was informing the masses that Eddie Van Halen was the “Douchiest” (is that even a word…? Hmm) guitarist of all time. This came off a list of some sort that also included the likes of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Rick Nielsen.

Van Halen, “1984” made the Rolling Stone magazine’s top 100 albums of all time. The tour stamped a final signature on what was Van Halen and also signaled the end of the band until 1997 when they reuniuted, (minus bassist Michael Anthony). The tour was pretty tight too. I was there. I caught the show over at the DC Capital Center in Maryland. They rolled through the concert with no hiccups. A year prior Van Halen made a spectacle out of themselves at the US Festival in California. Singer, David Lee Roth was drunk and out of control, swearing loudly, and forgetting his own lyrics throughout the performance. I don’t think anyone knew that this was going to be the absolute last time the band would ever hit the stage together.

After the 1984 tour MTV was plastered with some premium rock videos from the band for the first time ever. “Panama”, “Jump” and “Hot For Teacher” were the standards on the video playlist and they were really well made unlike the videos from the, “Diver Down” album. Van Halen gave us six solid albums that wrote the blueprint of how metal pop music was to be played and inspired 1000’s of bands. How many journalists did the guy over at the Village Voice inspire?

While you on the floor at your momma’s house playing with Teddy Ruxpin, I was out in the real world seeing REAL CULTURE…. and that’s the way I roll today.

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