The “Big 5” Things You Need To Know About Probate Properties – Alameda, CA – East Bay Homes


When dealing with probate properties here are the 5 things you want to keep in mind…..

Probate Properties are sold “as is” with no additional fix up improvements. So don’t expect the owner to lower the price of the property for existing or past problems.

Make sure you read the disclosures. When you get a probate property there are special disclosure documents governing probate sales. Make sure you get acquainted with this information and that you understand the terms before making an offer.

Be prepared in court. The court will be looking at the timing, the amount you offer and the form in which you make your deposit. This process is closely regulated.

Remember, that the seller doesn’t have to wait for you to locate a loan to sell your existing home. You must get advance approval from your lender.


Make sure you work with a probate expert. Get as much information as possible. When you work with a real estate expert ask for recent probate experience in your marketplace.

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