HOT METRO FINDS TED CANTU: – Response: Metro Detroit Party Bus lifts Detroit in high-end vodka bottle service, stripper poles

There is a message from Jeff T. Wattrick and MLive for the people of Metro Detroit. They are not very good  at getting the message across to the people and yet have been hammering on this very important point about Ted Cantu and Hot Metro Finds. So to be fair, I am going to help them out and get this message out.

** I am not going to blow this out of proportion or resort to name calling, and distorted facts, ( like the ones listed in this article against me ) but I do need to address them.

In 2010, we did a nice promotional piece for a limousine company based in Troy, Michigan. They offer a party bus service and a whole range of different styles of party busses and vehicles for rent. Some of them do have stripper poles, hardwood floors, and state of the art sound systems.

We mentioned that offering corporate parties and bringing in corporate dollars would be good for Detroit. Never at any time did I ever say that it would solve everybodys problems. Detroit, in case you are completely out of it, has quite a few problems. Those problems aren’t going away any time soon.

I will answer all of these allegations in order.

1. “Empty Burnouts” – Here is a nice hint of drug use on my part. This is a pretty serious allegation. I do not partake in recreational drugs. I am certainly not a “burnout” or have any State or Federal drug convictions.

NOTE: We did some promotional work for some local 420 Clinics and some hydroponic retail stores during 2010 – 2013. We entered that space because of hypey articles on the web and in print that stated this was going to be a profitable new industry for Michigan. After dealing with heavily “medicated” and confused business owners who continuously come up short financially we decided to leave that space permenantly. We do very little with that industry today.

2. The picture of the vehicle on the site – That is not my vehicle. I actually drive a 2013 Chevy. Before that I drove a Pontiac.

3. Chauffer License – I do not own a chauffer license.

4. Transportation Company – I also do not own a transportation company.

5. Liquor License – I do not own a liquor license. In fact, I have never applied for one.
You can contact the State of Michigan to dig up records to see if I have one, or have ever
owned one, or to see if I have had one taken away. 

Log on here –,4601,7-154-35299_10570—,00.html

** That being said I have never owned a bar or restaurant or a strip club. This article implies my
direct involvement in quite a few different businesses. I deny owning any of them.

Here is part of what I said about this whole venture of bringing in corporate parties into Detroit.

Oct. 25, Emailwire: “This is the kind of thing that is going to help change our economic landscape. It really sets a positive tone for Metro Detroit and how upscale our downtown can really be especially in times like these. Think of the implications of what this can mean for corporate parties, Detroit sporting events and the way we live. I can see how this can bring more people to the Motor City.”

NOTE: What I said was something positive in tone. I stand by my words. It’s sad to have to tell  you this but at any given time you could shoot a cannon ball down any one of our Detroit streets and not hit anything. I hear of great things like a “Revolution”, ( I don’t see any revolutions happening in Detroit) and great change happening. I also see a mass exodus in our state that has been happening since 2009.

Keep in mind, we have never had any dealings with Mlive except for one time. My colleague Danco Sotirovski who runs WorkFly  invited me to a meeting with them in their Southfield, Michigan office.
At this meeting I only observed and did nothing more than introduce myself. Danco Sotirovski
did all of the talking. I was joined with two other people at this meeting.

** That being said, I have also never had any dealings with Jeff T. Wattrick or ever met him in person.
I have also never said anything deregatory against Mlive.

I am not sure what Mlive’s intended outcome for this article was supposed to be.
Obviously, I am most concerened about the drug referrence.

You have my permission to contact my attorney on any of these issues.

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  2. 30445 Northwestern Hwy, Farmington Hills, MI 48334
    (248) 539-1111


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