HOT METRO FINDS: Johnny Marr – Easy Money – First Look Off New Album – Ted Cantu

“Easy Money” is taken from Johnny’s second solo album “Playland” which is out now.



Directed by David Barnes –

Produced by Louise Lynch –


Official Website:


Here is the latest track from Johnny Marr. There are a lot of videos flooding YouTube now on Johnny’s guitar techniques from when he was in the Smiths. So now for the first time we are getting some real intimate interviews and real insight as to who he is as a performer.

We’ll be posting some of those so keep an eye out for them…..

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HOT METRO FINDS: The Moons – Double Vision Love – Thank God For The Web

THE MOONS – Relax — I know this is a couple years old – don’t get all jumpy and wigged out. But let me say this — thank God for the web. Because without the Internet I would have no idea these guys ever existed. I found them searching around on the web and I am a little fuzzy about how it exactly happend. I might have been listening to the BBC on Radio 1. But after I listened to a few tracks I was hooked…

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